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Vitamin A – there’s no need to be scared!

An ingredient that people are often scared about, vitamin A doesn’t need to be scary. In fact, when you use it correctly and use the best version for your skin it has the most amazing effects which is why its one of our hero products. Lets look at what it does for our skin –

  • increases collagen synthesis and prevents the breakdown of collagen. This means a plumper, more youthful skin
  • increases the cell turnover (meaning it exfoliates) which gives a smoother skin
  • reduces sebum production, meaning less blemishes

It really is an ingredient for all skin types!

Here comes the science – there are different forms of retinoids (the working state of vitamin A) which are different molecules, working in slightly different ways within the skin. We liken it to coffee…there are different types to suit different tastes. You have a milky latte (slightly weaker) all the way up to a double espresso for a BIG caffeine hit. It’s the same with retinoids, lets take a look…

  • Retinyl Ester – the weakest of retinoids. Many brands use these but there’s very little evidence to show they actually work which is why Medik8 steer clear!
  • Retinol – the one that most people have heard of! There have been 100’s of scientific studies proving the incredible effects of retinol on the skin. These oil based formulas are great value for money and work really well on a drier skin.
  • Retinaldehyde – the closest thing to Retinoic Acid without prescription. These cream – serum formulas work 11 x faster than traditional retinol and are suitable for ALL skin types.
  • Retinoic Acid – the biologically active form of vitamin A. All forms of vitamin A have to covert into this for it to work on the skin. The weaker the vitamin A, the more conversions it has to make to turn into Retinoic Acid, meaning it looses strength along the way. (eg – if you used a Retinyl Ester it would have 3 conversions until it becomes Retinoic Acid therefore loosing strength and taking longer to work than a Retinaldehyde.)

Are you using this hero ingredient in your skin care regimen? Do you need advice on how to step up your vitamin A journey? We’re here to help! Book in for a free online consultation and we can help you make your skin dreams come true!

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