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Eyes are the window to our soul. Our lash experts will consult with you to create your desired lash look. With several different treatment options, we can create any look, from the most natural to maximum volume.

Eyelash Extensions

Time is precious and with lash extensions you save a lot of it! Wake up in the morning, with thicker, longer, glamorous lashes that make you feel confident and ready to take on the day.**

Classic – £75 | infill £40*

The most natural in lash extensions. For those that want the look of mascara with added length and curl.

Hybrid – £80 | infill £45*

A mix of Classic and Volume lashes. Not as heavy a look as Volume yet fuller than Classics.

Volume – £85 | infill £50*

No need to use eyeliner with Volume lashes! Customizable from a wispy to dramatic look. 2-6 lash extensions are applied to each lash.

Mega Volume – £120 | infill £55*

Taking your lashes to the max! Volume, length and drama in one.

Additional Lash Infill top up time – £15

Perfect for those that want to achieve a slightly fuller look at their next last appointment.

An additional 15 minutes is added to the infill appointment time.

Lash Removal – £30

A safe and expert way to remove lash extensions.

LVL Lashes

If you love the natural look, this is the perfect lash treatment for you. Our LVL experts will use your natural lash to create lift, length and volume whilst also adding colour and depth to your natural lash with a tint. With no maintenance this is the perfect treatment for clients that can’t commit to regular appointments yet every now and then want show stopping lashes.**

LVL Lashes – £50

Following a consultation, you and your therapist will decide on the look you want to achieve.

This treatment semi-permanently changes the natural curve and colour of the lash.

Results last up to 6 weeks.


Sometimes simplicity is all you need. Add definition to your lashes and brows with our tinting services.**

Eyelash tint – £18

Perfect for those new to eye treatments who want to achieve a subtle look.

Eyebrow tint – £15

Give your brows the definition they deserve.

Our expert therapists will advise you on the perfect colour combination to add depth and definition to your brows.


Eyelash & Eyebrow tint – £27

Perfect for swimmers or those about to go on holiday.

*Infill prices are for up to 3 weeks after the previous appointment. Any infills booked after 4 weeks of the previous appointment will be charged the price of a full set.

**A patch test must be carried out at least 24hr hours prior to all tinting, lash extensions and LVL treatments.