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Masque Dynamisant Anti-Fatigue

Instant refreshing mask

50ml /


Instant radiance mask.


  • Enhance skins complexion.
  • Lift and hydrate.
  • AHA Complex to boost cell renewal.
  • Suitable for Dull and Tired Skin Types.

Key Ingredients 

Mint and Eucalyptus Cold Essentia Oils:Refresh the skin (to restore radiance) and provide vitality.
AHA Complex:Boost cellular renewal by eliminating dead skin cells on the skins surface.
Dynalift:Forms a film on the skin’s surface which coats and firms the skin.
Lift Firming Complex:Combats the skins laxity thanks to its instant and intense firming effect.
Hydrocyte Complex:Hydrates and provides long lasting moisture to cells, compensating dehydration lines.