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Longue Vie Cellulaire

Regenerating Youth Cream

50ml /


Longue Vie Cellulaire delivers a highly complex blend of 56 active ingredients to encourage the skin to grow in the healthiest way. By revitalising the skin at a cellular level, it creates stronger and healthier supporting structures for the skin whilst regenerating skin cells for optimum healing results. After your first application, skin will appear more hydrated and radiant.

Key benefits – Using Guinot’s world famous complex of 56 vitamins and amino acids, this moisturiser revitalises the skin on a cellular level to create stronger, healthier skin. From the first application, hydration levels are improved giving the skin a beautiful youthful glow. This is the perfect moisturiser for anyone concerned with the signs of ageing.

21 Amino Acids – reinforces and strengthens the skin to improve elasticity

Vitamin A and Vitamin F – removes free radicals and improves skin texture

Vitamin C – brightens and protects the skin

Vitamin D – creates strength and vitality