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H.E.O Mask

Overnight Hydrating Mask

2 x 50ml /


Wake up to deeply hydrated skin with H.E.O. Mask, a 2-step overnight mask that takes a pioneering yet fundamentally scientific approach to long lasting moisturisation. Built on the three principal moisturising strategies: humectants (H), emollients (E) and occlusives (O) are combined in an optimised ratio developed in the Medik8 lab; working in harmony while you sleep.

Key benefits:H.E.O. Mask is Medik8’s answer to dehydrated and persistently dry skin; providing long lasting hydration to all complexions. The formula has been carefully optimised to address persistently dry and dehydrated skin. Whether caused by lifestyle factors, genetics, living in colder or low humidity environments, central heating or perhaps an overly drying skincare routine. This advanced mask helps to address the symptoms and the causes of dry skin in all of these scenarios. Or even more broadly, it’s for anyone who finds their usual routine just isn’t quite moisturising enough.

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Multi-weight hyaluronic acid, Glycerin, Natural Moisturising Factors, Blue Sea Kale, Ceramides, Squalane & Dimethicone